About Me


I’ve created this space for me to share in one place, my version of My Story, Soul Agreements, Healing from Trauma and the work that I now do to support others.  I share how my life purpose is finding me and expressing itself through the acceptance of letting go of Shame, Guilt and Fear into Being the Love and having a voice to speak my Truth.

My personal life experiences once tormented and trapped me into a life of self loathing, sabotage, yoyo dieting, continual weight gain, loveless & abusive relationships with myself, family, friends, colleagues and life in general. As a young single mother feeling abandoned by the world, I’d sunk to a depth of despair with choices to ponder. I could remain a victim to life and end it all or I could find a way to climb out of the hole, heal my wounds, learn what I can and start living my own truth and thus create a life I looked forward to living. I’m grateful I made the latter choice, which has led me to where I am today. Through forgiveness and understanding of the experiences I believe I attracted on a soul/spiritual level, I have found gifts within me, which have provided me with such an appreciation for a richness of my life. Over 20yrs ago, I took that first step to getting help and embarked on a journey of personal development. Learning how to heal myself and move from a life of fear into a life of love and self- acceptance on every level of mind, body, heart and soul. I’m excited to be nurturing my own life experiences, along with what Eating Psychology has also taught me about my own body, into a space where I can help others in a supportive and safe environment with an individualized approach.

I believe we can all heal if we truly want to.

About Me